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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Yes, I will.

“Nyt Walkalone on juuri julkaissut musiikkikanavakelpoisen videon Echoes-biisistään ja tekee paraikaa debyyttilevyään omakustannepohjalta.”

( Rumba )

Yes. This is what it says in the latest issue of the Finnish Rock/Pop magazine called Rumba. They have acctuelly written about our latest music video “Walkalone – Echoes”. Quite fabulous news for The Tage and Ramedus!

And what does it all mean? Use the google translator and thou shall get a translation that’ll look something like “..cows like to silver and gold of Englands dream, score Messi score, you baby red, cunt”. Maybe.

( Rumba again )

So, this was all good! Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it out why don’t ya…

( Walkalone – Echoes )

Have a good one people!

// Tage – Rumbaholic

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