All we hear is, radio ga ga…

Friday, May 7th, 2010

…Radio Goo Goo. No it was not a pop cultural reference to Lady Gaga, neither did it have anything to do with the helmers of Iris, The Goo Goo Dolls.. Your too young, it was a mixture of Queen and my radio shoot reference.. Is anything of this going through? Probably not..

Anyway, I hung out at Radio X3M in Waasa earlier this week shooting some promotional stuff for a radio show called Veckoslutskommittéen. You know, pictures they use at the Radio stations website to promote their show and stuff. I’m kinda in the editing stage of these shots but I thought I’d share three of the finished shots with you since I don’t jave anything else to yell about for the moment. The posers are 2 outta 5 hosts for the show, these are Ted Urho and Elin von Wright!

( Ted Urho & Elin von Wright )

I fired away quite a lot of shots this fine afternoon at YLE in Waasa where the radio station is located. Sara Dahlback did the make up part and I framed the frames. And as always folks, it ain’t easy shooting stuff that is supposed to have a totally white background, well, the shooting part is quite easily handled, but the editing takes up heavy time. At first I tried to get a good looking feel by cutting out the figures and then just replacing the background, but fingers, hair and even eyebrows makes it quite difficult..

( Elin von Wright )

So, the technique I tried out for these shots is entirely done with the dodge tool. Like, dodging away everything that is not desired in the shot, but that doesn’t make it that much easier, but the shot get a better feel to themselves.. Hope you enjoy these shots. And yes, I used my portable studio flash kit to get these ones, it works quite well as long as there aren’t more than 3-4 people in the frame…

( Ted Urho )

Got anything else I want to say.. I think not. I’m leaving for Waasa again now, God I love trains, but whaddayagonna do ey? Though shit, a man’s gotta do what everyone tells him to do. Have a great evening folks, and remember, it ain’t the shoes that makes a banana taste like chicken.

// Tage – The radio shooter

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