Thursday, November 5th, 2009

So today I went to the Fazer Musiikki store in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki to pick up the new Into-Luthman catalogue. I had totally forgot that it had arrived weeks ago, jeez. And when I opened it I found my picture of Alexander Ivars on page 7. The pic looked really nice.

Luthman example 1

( The front of the magazine )

Luthman example 2

( page 6 and 7, my pic on the right side )

We took them pics on a hot summer day in Vaasa, Finland during the past summer. Alex wanted some cool pics that made him look cool, and I thought ok, but before we left I decided that we need a picture that is a bit different, so we took a nudie of him, haha.

When we were finnished we had about 10 different shots and the magazine holders decided which one to put in the catalogue. Unfortunately they didn’t choose the nude shot, that is why I will publish it here, I haven’t published it earlier anywhere, so it’s a real rarity, haha, if you can say that about my Sturm und Drang shots. And I think it sure was a pity that they didn’t choose the nude shot. Enjoy the pics! Don’t really know if Alex approves of this, but hey, I’m only a man.

Luthman example 3

( The one on the left was used, I wonder why? )

The last facts – the catalogue is put together for different brands in the music industry and handed out in about any bigger music/instrument store, it is called Into-Luthman Soundability catalogue (Kuvasto syksy 2009 – kevät 2010). I think it comes out every 6 months or something, I don’t fucking know ok.

//Tage – Peace up, A-town down

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