Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

In a very near future, and on a not too distant road ahead, not very far far away I will be making my fourth music video together with Ramedus. < insert your favorite John Williams score here >..

It is a somewhat larger music video project than before, with a bit more thinking to do, and a bit more people to deal with. It’ll be kinda like a short film or so, and done to a very different type of music genre than my dear readers could imagine, I believe. I dear not speak of the genre in order to not disappoint any jazzy cops. I’m really excited and I’m looking forward with globe-like gazing eyes to realizing this opportunity.

The video will be produced, as always, by Tage Rönnqvist Media Productions and Ramedus in yet another teaming up, and ofcourse, with great help from the utterly distinct lightmaster-gaffer Anders Lönnfeldt. The video is still in the first of many planning stages and I will update you guys as soon as I get more on paper and generally more info on this upcoming coolness – at least I’ll give you the band name, the video will be done to and for the band called Coredust.

( Taken at the Coredust band camp )

So, all the best, and have a splendid evening boys and girls, and manboys.. What?

// Tage – director of 4, at least soon

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5 Responses to “A NEW HOPE – THE FOURTH”

  1. Yay, teillä on siistejä videoita, toivottavasti tästäkin tulee =)

  2. Congrats, Tage. You got me going for the genre…On which song are you going to make the video? Or is it a secret?
    5 years from now, I’ll be like a mini Jimmy Westerlund, producing songs on which you and Ramedus will make a video clips, hahahaha.

    But, seriously, this thing here sounds great. And the guitar is awesome.

  3. JW — Kiitokset! Toivotaan että tästä lähtee se paras video nyt, ainahan voi toivoa! Ainakin ideoita löytyy..

    Stef — I’m not sure if I’m allowed to give away the song to which the video will be done, so I’ll just shut it..
    Are you into producing music, really? Cool! It would sure be nice to have some Bulgarian contacts.. :) and yes.. The guitar was really awesome..

  4. Oujeeee!

  5. YES!!

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