2 days of myGRAIN

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

So, yes!

Tomorrow it all begins, tomorrow we will start shooting the myGRAIN music video to their awesome second upcoming single called “Trapped in an Hourglass”. Exciting times folks!

However, I will not yet reveal where the shoot is going down, saving myself for the element of surprise? Perhaps. The first shooting day will be tomorrow evening in Helsinki, we do not have that many hours to shoot the first part which can be a little tricky, but with good luck and a hopeful touch of fortune I hope that we will make the first day. The tomorrow shoot will be all about taking some fine shots of the war-faced bullet-eating Tommy on vocals in a somewhat tricky environment.

The second day of shooting will also be going down in Helsinki on Wednesday next week, so we’ll have one day of relaxation in between – sweet. During the second day of shooting, hence the expressive headline “2 days of myGRAIN”, we will work with the whole band and with some special “feeling” shots or whatever I should call it.

Sadly enough, we are also in a lack of time situation on Wednesday, but yet again, with good faith and a bunch of hard working dudes and dudettes we are gonna make it! For instance, just to makes things a bit more speedy we are being assisted with three make-up artists, now that’s something for the books all right! Peter, Paul and Mary (highly intended Britney pun)!

Anyway, just wanted to let you in on some curious details concerning the next video shoot. So, keep your thumbs up, and your thumbnails clicked and we should be all right. And do expect a “production diary with still shots” from both of the shooting days, I guess those inserts will be quite revealing on what kind of music video you should expect in the middle of February!

This is gonna be awesome! Know why? Cause we will have all sorts of heroes in our team this time, fellas like Ramedus, Adelias, Maplefield, Pipe Layout, LeväJ 2000, Nikki Laurie, Kenny Clay and your very own Tage, with some awesome assistance from the great Robán Taugè on the “styling and costumes”.

While you are waiting, why not ship yourself to the myGRAIN site!

Peace, love and melodic death metal!

// Tage – 2 days

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