Gung i Kajutan

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Well yes!

World premiere boys n’ girls. A few weeks back we shot yet another music video for the troops at YLE Radio X3M.

This one right here is for their summer blockbuster hit song called “Gung i Kajutan”, which would be translated into something like “Making love on a boat” or “Rocking the boat”, your choice of interpretation.

Have a go, and get that summer smile goin’!

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( Radio X3M – Gung i Kajutan )

Fredrika Lindholm
Janne Grönroos

Kjell Simosas
Pernilla Karlsson
Dan Granqvist
Mathilda Korpela
Amie Borgar
My Tengström
Frida Lindholm
Niklas Aldén
Camilla Fagerholm
Erika Garbrielsson
Tommy Nordlund
Maria Grönholm
Anna-Karin Siegfrids

Video production:
Eva Lingon

Director: Tage Rönnqvist
Shot and cut: Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer och camera assistant: Anders Lönnfeldt
Best Boy och camera assistant: Frida Lönnroos
Make up and hair: Sara Dahlback
Choreography: Anna-Karin Siegfrids & Amie Borgar
Costume: Amie Borgar, Mathilda Korpela, Pieta Haavisto, Yle Puvusto & Artistiasu
Grading: Rasmus Tåg

Producer: Amie Borgar, Yle X3M

Music and lyrics – Gung i Kajutan
Erik Nyholm
Kristofer Karlsson
Janne Grönroos
Fredrika Lindholm
Amie Borgar

// Tage – Rocking the boat!

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