Monday, June 13th, 2016

Well yes!

Time for another music video premiere, oh happy day.

Today marks the day when us guys at Eva Lingon Ltd. are releasing our latest music video. This one is for the lovely Tobias Tåg to his first official single ”When the heart calls”.

Tobias is known from the instrumental act Thoby Loth and is now tryin’ out the solo thing, with vocals!

We are aswell givin’ out our very first podcast episode today. Tage and Rasmus discusses the production of this very video, an optional way of releasing ”making-of” stuff. The podcast is in Swedish. If you wanna check it out, head over to Soundcloud or iTunes and type in “Eva Lingon”. Or why not click the link.


It would make us utterly glad if you would check out these things, video and podcast!

( Tobias Tåg – When the heart calls – Video by Eva Lingon )

And a few words from Tobias:

This is the first real release of my solo-project. I´ve been writing, mostly just a lot of demos practising my singing and production skills during the last year… and here is the first song!
There are many hours behind this project so far, and mostly just a lot of fun. The idea behind the project is to challenge myself as a songwriter, musician, singer and producer.
Even though this is my solo project, I have a bunch of people behind me. First of all, a big thank you to my songwriting partner Thomas Finholm. I´m very proud of the song.
Dennis Lindén made the postproduction, thank you for your musical input and commitment.

Tage Rönnqvist and Rasmus Tåg from Eva Lingon made this video production and the result speaks for itself, well done guys, PRO stuff!
Also, a special thanks to Lasse Norrgård, Lukas Djupsjöbacka and Roger Bäck.


Music – Tobias Tåg
Lyrics – Thomas Finholm

Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Lindén
Performed and Recorded by Tobias Tåg


Director – Tage Rönnqvist
Cinematographer, Editor, Grading – Rasmus Tåg
Assistants – Lukas Djupsjöbacka, Roger Bäck
Executive Producer – Tobias Tåg
Production Company – Eva Lingon LTD.


Mikael Storbäck
Tommi Härmä
May Björklund
Oy Sazza Ab
KS Lighting
Malax Byggmaskiner Ab
Stefan & Ann-Lis Tåg
Svenska Kulturfonden
Anders Lönnfeldt
Redneck Productions


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